ZONBIX and COVID and You

[ This article will be continuously updated to keep you posted on the situation in Taiwan. Last Edit on May 26, 2021. ]

[ Real-time Statistics ]
COVID Data - Taiwan CDC

Vacinnation Rate (Taiwan) - Our World In Data

[ News & Gov Press Releases ]
2021/07/27 - 582,000 AZ doses arrived  (Taiwan CDC)

2021/07/15 - 1.53 mil AZ doses and 350,000 Moderna doses arrived  (Taiwan CDC)

2021/07/07 - 626,000 AZ doses and 350,000 Moderna doses arrived  (Taiwan CDC)

2021/06/30 - 410,000 Moderna doses arrived  (Taiwan CDC)

2021/06/20 - The U.S. sent 2.5 mil. doses of vaccine to Taiwan (Reuters)

2021/06/18 - 24,000 Moderna doses arrived (Taiwan CDC)

2021/06/03 - Japan sent 1.2 mil. doses of vaccine to Taiwan (NHK)

2021/05/28 - 150 000 doses of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine arrived Taiwan (Taiwan CDC)

2021/05/26 - U.S. says it is confident Taiwan can control COVID, in talks on vaccines (Reuters)


[ What Happened? ]

As you may have read, Taiwan observed a sudden spike in new COVID cases on May 15th and the number has been growing. At the time of this email (May 24th), with 595 new cases, an all-time high over the past 1.5 years, and brought the total confirmed cases to 4 917.

[ How Will This Affect Us? ]

ZONBIX does not have the visibility on how the Pandemic situation will unfold in Taiwan or what the government’s future policies will affect all stakeholders in the supply chain. Nonetheless, the team wants to share with you the facts – transparently and timely – to serve as a solid reference for your respective planning.

The entire nation moved into Level 3 of the four-tier prevention practice on the 19th. At Level 3, public-facing businesses are required to close indoor venues, but businesses like ZONBIX and our partners do remain minimally affected. However, it is worth noting that all operations will slow down significantly should the government choose to impose Level 4, the highest level of the alert system, due to the potential lockdown measures. It depends on how the COVID numbers change in the next few weeks.

[ What Will ZONBIX Do? ]

ZONBIX and our partners will maintain normal operations as long as the law and regulations allow. Yet, it is crucial for us to strictly follow future changes in the local COVID guidelines, even if this means disruptions in production and other business activities. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, the healthiness of our staff, our partners’, and the Taiwanese people has been the No. 1 factor contributing to the exceptional stability and quality of ZONBIX’s products and services. Thus, this is not only ZONBIX’s and Taiwan’s priority, but also the key to protect all our clients’ business interests in the long run.

The team is committed to do everything possible to deliver what were promised. Yet, ZONBIX hopes to have your understanding if unfortunately, things go beyond our control and inevitably affect your operation. We are all in this together, and your kind support is very much appreciated.

[ What Could You Do? ]

COVID aside, the skyrocketing numbers in almost all costs since end 2020/early 2021, especially in raw materials and shipping, affected various industries including fasteners. Plus, the exchange rates of TWD and major currencies are not working in favor. If you have been doing business with ZONBIX for just few years, I am sure you know we would absorb all the short-term losses if we could. Unfortunately, the time is difficult, and thus, the necessary price adjustments were reflected in our recent quotes. Lead time has been longer than usual due to the shortage of raw materials and excess demand in some services such as surface treatments. The chaotic global shipping industry was not helping, either.

Is there a way both ZONBIX and you can work together to improve your customers’ experience, and strengthen our positions in the supply chain? If you are our current customer, an email should have been sent to you sharing some effective practices adopted by our clients.

If you have not received the email, or if you are a prospective customer who'd like to explore with ZONBIX regarding a partnership opportunity during this time, please contact us here or reach out to your contact person at ZONBIX if you already have one. In short, planning is the key to mitigate risks and gain stability in operations. 
Should you have any other idea, please feel free to reach out, and we would very much like to explore together. All questions are welcome. 

[ What Will The Government of Taiwan Do? ]

Before the recent spike, the vaccination rate was low in Taiwan due to the supply and logistics issues. The lack of urgency/awareness in the general public was also a factor. After this resurgence, there is a growing consensus in Taiwan that getting vaccinated is a must to achieve long-term stability.

[ What About The Taiwan People? ]

Last but not the least, I want to share these photos of empty streets in our Capital Taipei, shot on May 17th. To me, this is rather amazing without mandatory lockdown measures in place. Indeed, there are lessons to be learned by all our fellow Taiwanese and the Government about vaccines and other ways to mitigate COVID, as well as issues to resolve for a stable vaccine supply. The phenomenon of “voluntary quarantine” is the exact response that we need right now to flatten the curve.
We have faith in Taiwan. Please have faith in us. Should you have further questions regarding this email, please do not hesitate to contact your contact person at ZONBIX. Stay safe and healthy.