Introducing our all-new Enterprise Resource Planning System

We are excited to announce that our official website and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system had been fully revamped. They are now officially on full operation.

A brand-new back-end design was adopted into ZONBIX’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The new ERP system now integrates our stock information with barcodes, which means all the stock information and status will be updated in real-time. With such improvement, it allows us to minimize human errors and ensures the accuracy of the information presented to our valued clients.

Furthermore, as mentioned in our previous ISO 9001:2015 article, the design of our new ERP ties together with our everyday operations. Take quality control as an example – aka ZONBIX’s top priority – for every order there’s a step-to-step review checkpoints built in in the system. For instance, the logistic team has no way to work on packaging and delivery before obtaining an approval in the system from the QC department. However, our new operation procedures do not make ZONBIX a fluffy bureaucracy though but only more rigorous. We maintain our key strengths – efficiency and flexibility – as our management has the overview on all of these and will step in to speed up things when needed.

What is even better, is the new ERP system gives us more control over delivery with its integrated logistic updates. This function automatically highlights orders that are already overdue/will be overdue in a week. Equipped with this function, we can clearly monitor the status of each shipment and take necessary actions to achieve on-time delivery.

Last but not the least, YOU can feel the power of the system, too! The ERP system will soon be further integrated with our official website interface. There are total 7 new functions to be released in the next few months:
If you are registered as a ZONBIX website member, you can…
*Enjoy the user-friendly UI/UX
*Submit your inquiry
*Track your inquiry status
*Experience the quick search function
If you place orders with ZONBIX, you can…
*Track orders status
*Download your shipping documents and QC reports
*Provide your valuable feedback
Can’t wait to experience our new website? Contact us immediately to have a deeper peek and stay tuned for future updates!

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