ZONBIX is now ISO 9001:2015 certified

We are proud to announce that ZONBIX is now registered to ISO 9001:2015. This latest edition of the well-recognized quality control standard now officially replaced our previous ISO 9001:2008. This achievement serves as a testament to not only our continuous efforts in quality and risk management, but the commitment from the leadership to everyone in Team ZONBIX.
Stringent quality control requirements and strict attention to details are our beliefs to customer satisfaction. “The world has changed,” says Kevin McKinley, acting ISO Secretary-General, and “organizations need to perform in new ways.” To accomplish these, ZONBIX strives for improvements by implementing innovations. We every year budget a considerable amount for upgrading our software and hardware infrastructures. Guided by the British Standards Institution (BSI), our team seized the chance to conduct a systematic review of these efforts during the transition to the 2015 version. In the end, the certification showed our investment had really made an impact. 
The newly implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) serves as a good example. For what we do at ZONBIX, each customer is unique as a result of the different demands and backgrounds. Thus, we have been fully aware that the “One Size Fits All” solutions cannot support our operations comprehensively. Instead, after a careful consideration, we made a bold, rare decision among our peers in the fastener industry – to develop one. Conceptualized by our CEO Raymond himself and led by our Business/IT Lead Gordon, this new system is developed based on the needs spotted in every interaction with our clients. At the end of this review for ISO 9001:2015, it proved that this system can better facilitate our day-to-day tasks with error-proof design in all steps, secure and back-up sensitive data constantly, and enable numerous features on difference interfaces (e.g. our website) for our customers and partners to efficiently exchange key information. Our efforts for the ERP system, and for all the other elements of ZONBIX, have been and will be aligning our practices more and more closely with what ISO values – “to be more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.” (Note: we will soon come back with another thorough introduction to the new ERP system. Stay tuned!)  
Please do not hesitate to contact us at, shall you have any questions regarding our ISO 9001: 2015 certification or any feedback for ZONBIX. We always listen and in return, improve our services by implementing them. At ZONBIX, there is no best, only better.

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